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Newest 2018
2018-06-19 12:00:11  Hits(749)  
  1.  Extra Shot Coffee Mug      Wholesale Trade  Mail Order Color Box Packaging      Great Men Gift       2.  GET NAKED BIKINI      Wholesale Trade  Mail Order Color Box Packaging      Great Men Gift         3.  Extra WINE Shot Coffee Mug      Wholesale Trade  Mail Order Color Box Packaging      Great Men Gift               4.  DIGITAL HOLDERS SHOWER CURTAIN      Wholesale Trade  Mail Order Color Box Packaging      Great Men Gift         1.  PHONE AND IPAD HOLDER SCREEN      Wholesale Trade  Mail Order Color Box Packaging      Great Men Gift           6.   SANDLESS BEACH TOWEL      Wholesale Trade  Mail Order Color Box Packaging      Great Men Gift            EMAIL CONTACT:    
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Latest Cool Gifts for wholesale trade
2018-04-19 10:45:36  Hits(697)  
TOP  10 COLLECTION 2018:               Dissolvable bikini get naked swim bikini Un maillot de bain de bikini dissous 溶解したベーカー趣味水着。               犬の入浴器360度は非常に良い。 개 개 목욕기는 360도 깨끗하다 Le laveur de chien est clean et intelli   360 smart dog washer                     Wine holder wholesale trade 와인의 밑받침을 밑지고 있는 밑받침 판 도매 무역 ワインの底座树脂の基座卸売贸易                     Le commerce de gros du matelas à pleins   아웃도어 침상 도매 무역   戸外折り畳みの卸売貿易   OUtdoor foldable hammock wholesale trade                    Resin beer glass wholesale trade   Commerce de gros de bière de résine   수지 맥주잔 도매 무역   ビール・グラス・卸・貿易                 Finger candle wholesale trade   손가락 양초 도매 무역   Commerce de gros de bougies   ろうそくを手にして貿易をする      
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How Local E company Develop Faster Than Ebay Amazon
2017-06-22 17:10:32  Hits(1327)  
Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma famously said that Alibaba needed to become a leading player in China search around the same time that he gained operational control of Yahoo China as part of Yahoo's 2005 investment in a fledging Alibaba. But as a standalone search engine Yahoo/ Alibaba weren't able to compete with Baidu. Baidu also responded by creating Youa (an eBay-like marketplace) to compete with Alibaba's Taobao marketplace.     Alibaba wanted to change user behavior for shopping searches so that consumers would start their ecommerce shopping on Alibaba's site, not Baidu's. The thinking was that, hopefully, consumers would find more value going to Alibaba rather than Baidu. After all, Alibaba initially marketed its decision to block Baidu (and Google) as a way to prevent fraud from merchants who were manipulating paid search results on external sites.       It's hard to say how this strategy would have worked out for Amazon in the U.S. market, but this move was key to Alibaba's success in China. When it launched Taobao in 2003, Alibaba promised to keep Taobao free for its first three years in an effort to defeat eBay in China. eBay charged a percent fee for each completed transaction. As a result, it couldn't allow buyers and sellers to communicate before completing a transaction; otherwise they might complete their transaction outside of the platform.     By allowing users to transact for free, Taobao gained a big edge in the price-sensitive Chinese market. Additionally, Taobao introduced its hugely successful Wang Wang chat service to allow buyers and sellers to communicate before completing a transaction. This feature was a big hit in China because users often haggle over price before agreeing to a sale--the listed price isn't taken at face value like in the U.S. Additionally, product quality in China is more variable than it is in developed countries, so facilitating that communication was a key advantage for Alibaba over eBay in the Chinese market. As a result, Alibaba was able to build a much larger ecosystem with stronger network effects than eBay could.     Monetizing Like Google, Not Amazon     However, given its promise to keep Taobao free, Alibaba needed a different type of business model than eBay or Amazon. Product search is one of the most lucrative segments of search advertising, so it had huge revenue potential. That's why Alibaba ultimately decided on a revenue model that looks more similar to Google's Adwords than it does Amazon or eBay's ecommerce marketplaces. Instead of depending upon a percentage fee from each sale, Alibaba makes profit through its advertising model. The bet has clearly paid off. Because Alibaba blocked external search engines, its marketplace became the dominant destination for shopping in China's e-commerce market, to a degree that neither Amazon nor eBay could achieve in the U.S. Today, Taobao is Alibaba's largest and most successful platform, and it makes the majority of its revenue from product-search advertising. Alibaba's valuation has long since surpassed Baidu's–-a fact cemented by Alibaba's spectacular IPO last year.   That is why local E commercial com can develop local market faster than global giant  Ebay,  and  Amazon, etc.    They're forcast the market more accurite,  they have local pop keyword language inputs,  they know about the consuming behviour of people,  and the market volumn.   Never Try  Never Know,  Just Go and Develop your own territory!!   We're confedence on your sales and hope we can support you in the coming Data Centries.    
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Promotional Party Games
2017-06-18 20:28:21  Hits(904)  
                                            We produce all these stuff in china factory and color unit packaging them for apointed markets.   For more details..........      
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5 Promotional Products Hotels Should Give Away In 2015
2014-12-22 18:28:16  Hits(929)  
It is difficult to do business in the hospitality sector. There are huge costs involved and it is a monumental task to retain customers or attract new ones. An easy way to connect with hotel guests is to provide them with quality giveaways so that they return, year in, year out. Most hotels spend lavishly on elaborate marketing campaigns to attract guests. If you have a generous marketing budget, then you should do the same as well. But there is something we recommend you take up, no matter how big or small your marketing campaign is – set aside a small budget for giveaways. Why giveaways? Because people love receiving freebies! And the more practical your gifts are, the greater chances of them being used. Featured below are 5 of the most popular hotel giveaways at Promo Direct. You will love the list as well.   godiva tumbler   1.  Tumbler Gift Set:This classy gift set comes with a 16oz. Insulated Stainless Steel tumbler, two Godiva Bars and 3 Godiva Gems. And the box is packaged with a beautiful ribbon to make a sudden impact. Give this out to important guests.       3. Plastic Door Hanger: Get these door hangers imprinted with your message and have them hanging on door knobs! You can use the entire surface area to highlight your message.                                      slimline tumbler   4. Slimline Tumbler:This product offers a dual wall insulation to keep drinks hot or cold. Fitting in most automobile cup holders, the tumbler has a splash-resistant lid.         5. Slant Flap Messenger: Wouldn’t it be nice to get your logo featured on this bag? This bag features pockets for water bottles, pens and business cards. The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry around as well. Like this list? Add them to your marketing ideas to boost your hotel’s marketing campaign.                                                              
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10 Fun Giveaways From Promo Direct
2014-12-22 18:22:19  Hits(875)  
Most people think that giveaways are boring. They’ve never been so wrong! At Promo Direct, we have a range of giveaways that are appealing to young and old audiences alike. These giveaways are capable of injecting a sense of fun into your marketing campaign, ensuring you connect better with target audiences. What’s more, all of these products are priced at comfortably low prices. You can buy hundreds of fun giveaways and still have enough in your marketing budget to spend on other kinds of products. Looking for products that can kick-start a marketing campaign for you? – the list below is for you!     1.Puzzler Pen: This pen is worthy of the attention it gets! Featuring an engrossing 2-ball maze game, this product is fondly called the “imagination pen”. Your recipients can jot down important notes with this pen and have fun as well when they get bored!     2.Original Bend-A-Pen: This pen has been rightly recognized for its award winning design! Featuring bendable body and arms, this product will look great wherever it’s displayed. The pen’s cap is shaped like a pair of feet to give it an amusing look. The feet serve as a stand as well.   3. Magic Bubbles: Now here’s a product nobody has seen before! These bubbles never burst! Kids will love this product. The product is a test tube that features a unique formula. This ensures bubbles created don’t burst even after they are touched! The kids will love this new twist to bubble-blowing! This product has non-toxic content and is absolutely safe for children.   4.Foam Rocket Launcher: Users have to squeeze the handle of this launcher to watch a rocket get fired straight and fast! We assure you that recipients will enjoy themselves with this launcher. Each product comes with two rockets.   5 Boomerang: You have probably heard about boomerangs a lot before. It’s time you used them as marketing giveaways! A great giveaway for the outdoors, boomerangs will provide quality time for everybody. 6  The Super Flyer Disc: People love flying discs! Whether it’s the park or beach, flying discs never fail to boost the spirits of everybody around. This product is made of nylon. 7  12″ Motorplane Glider: Made of balsa wood, this glider is easy to assemble and fly. This glider comes with a wind-up propeller for extra speed. Count on this American product and watch your brand soar high!Electronic Dice: We bet you have never seen or heard about this product before! Users have to tap or roll the dice to activate the LEDs and music. Each dice comes individually bagged.   8  Happy Wobbler Stress Reliever: This stress reliever will bring a smile to your customers’ faces! Made of squeezable polyurethane material, this product will help users drive stress away!   9  Card and Dice Set: This product is the most expensive on the list. Featuring a wooden box, this set comes with two decks of cards and five dice. Your customers will enjoy using these cards with family and friends.
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How to Promote Small Businesses by Using Promotional Products?
2014-12-22 18:18:32  Hits(897)  
Majority of companies in national market are categorized under small businesses; and one of the most common questions asked by them is “How do we promote our small business by using imprinted promotional items?”Well, giving away promotional products is probably the most effective and ideal way to promote your small businesses.In today’s world, it is difficult for any business to attract potential customers; especially since they have a limited advertising budget. But personalized business items are inexpensive enough to be affordable by everyone. In fact, it is easily one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to your target market. By giving away reasonably priced promotional items such as imprinted coffee mugs, imprinted key chains or imprinted promotional pens; small companies can easily interact with potential customers and build relationships with the existing ones. Building references and attracting leads for future sales are probably the main advantages of using such personalized marketing items. These products are renowned to generate elegance and refinement in your selling, and also spread awareness about the brand amongst the unexplored target market. Small businesses usually choose to buy inexpensive pens in high quantities for low prices. We recommend our extensive range of Promotional Pens, available at the cost as low as $.11 only. Promotional gifts can achieve great returns on its investment for small businesses and push your company towards success by fostering relationships with essential customers in the market.                        So, if you are looking for ways to promote your small business; you know what to do now..   Happy succeeding!   To view a large variety of Promotional Products for your brand promotion, please visit our website at  
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2013-07-08 12:16:32  Hits(16518)  
12 3/4" x 7 1/2" x 10" FASHIONABLE & STYLISHFAUX CROC DOG CARRIER FROM ZACK & ZOEY   Fashionable faux-crocodile look with rhinestone-studded bone charm accent Top mesh and side grommets for proper ventilation Easy-care removable sherpa mat with interior clip for safety and comfort Front and side pockets for convenient storage Both sides & top zip down.  Removable washable berber matt. GREAT FOR PETS UNDER 12 LBS                                         Pets will be riding in style with East Side Collection Vibrant Leopard Pet Carriers that have funky leopard print design in two bold colors. Features:•Pet carrier•Vibrant Leopard collection•Eye-catching black trim and handles, and paw print design•Top hatch and zip-down doors on two sides for easy access to pets•Removable berber mat, self-lockinG zippers, and lined interior Vibrant Leopard Pet Carrier     12.5" H x 8" W x 10.5" D             2.11 lbs           Nylon Pet Dog Carrier Backpack Front Net Bag-ANY SIZE and COLOR DescriptionSize Length Chest circumference Left and Right legs Front and Rear legs S(for pets up to 5.50 lbs)                 28cm      46cm    5cm     9cm M(for pets up to 8.80 lbs)                 34cm       50cm   5cm    14cm L(for pets up to 15.43 lbs)                38cm       62cm   5cm    16cm Features1.New and high quality 2.Durable and washable 3.Net nylon with good breathability 4.It can keep the head and legs outside 5.You can take your beloved dog anywhere and anytime 6.Material: nylon 7.Color: Pink / Blue / Black / Stripe / Humanoid / Cartoon   Package Included1 x Nylon Pet Dog Carrier Backpack Net Bag      
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